Overtime rates are 1.5x the hourly rate, prorated to every half-hour. Overtime hours are anything outside the agreed upon hours in your booking.

Set Scouter recommends productions and locations communicate and book extra time to avoid any overtime charges. Hourly rates are calculated as the total rental price divided by the total hours. Hourly rates displayed on Set Scouter listings are not considered.

Booking Example
ACME Productions books 5 hours at Sarah's location with a budget of $500. The hourly rate is $100 ($500 / 5 hours) and the overtime penalty is $150 per hour ($100 x 1.5), prorated to every half-hour.

Location transfer fees continue to apply.
When overtime is claimed, Set Scouter deducts the appropriate amount from the security deposit based on the overtime rate. This penalty is added to the location payout, less a transfer fee.

What is a transfer fee?

Transfer fees are 15% of the overtime penalty and are subtracted from the location's overtime payout. Transfer fees in Canada are subject to tax — Ontario subject to HST, British Columbia and Quebec subject to GST.